KVIA has just published the Determination of the Ethics Review Commission regarding the misconduct of City Rep. Cassandra Hernandez as well as the scathing Letter of Reprimand that was issued to her.

The Letter of Reprimand to Hernandez concludes as follows:

“The evidence presented to the Ethics Commission showed by clear and convincing evidence that you did use your position as a City Representative to secure unwarranted privileges for yourself, relatives or others. Moreover, the evidence showed that you did use the fuel card for your personal benefit and the benefit of others and therefore there was an intentional misuse of the city issued fuel card. Attached please find a copy of the Determination of the Ethics Review Commission. In accordance with 2.92.200 (D) (3) of the Ethics Code, a Letter of Reprimand may be issued when the Ethics Review Commission finds that a violation of the Ethics Code has occurred and also finds that the violation was intentional or through disregard of the Ethics Code.”

Gassandra is fortunate that the Commission did not recommend her removal from office.

Enjoy your day.