KVIA has posted a four-minute video from Friday in which Stephanie Valle interviews George Zavala, the District 3 resident who filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Cassandra Hernandez, resulting in a Letter of Reprimand from the Ethics Review Commission:

“The evidence presented to the Ethics Commission showed by clear and convincing evidence that you did use your position as a City Representative to secure unwarranted privileges for yourself, relatives or others. Moreover, the evidence showed that you did use the fuel card for your personal benefit and the benefit of others and therefore there was an intentional misuse of the city issued fuel card […]. In accordance with 2.92.200 (D) (3) of the Ethics Code, a Letter of Reprimand may be issued when the Ethics Review Commission finds that a violation of the Ethics Code has occurred and also finds that the violation was intentional or through disregard of the Ethics Code.”

It is worth watching the video in its entirety.

Hernandez is not only unrepentant, but defiant.

She and former City Rep. Claudia Lizette Rodriguez still insist they did nothing wrong, even in the face of an ongoing investigation of City gas card use by outside law enforcement.

We look forward to learning the results of the investigation.