Tomorrow, January 3, at around 9:30am, the City Council will take up agenda items 13 and 14.

Agenda item 13 would cancel the arena project in Duranguito and reallocate the remaining QOL bond funds to upgrading existing City facilities, like the Abraham Chavez Theater and Convention Center. The supporters of this action are against spending one single penny over budget.

Agenda item 14 is the City’s corrupt feasibility study presentation, which recommends demolishing at least half of Duranguito for an arena and going up to $236 million over budget. I am hoping that the City Council votes to delete this item, since it is irrelevant given item 13.

Please sign up to speak! Let’s support the co-sponsors of agenda item 13, Reps. Joe Molinar and Alexsandra Annello, and our new friends on City Council!

The public comment instructions are here:

For an overview of the controversy, see my guest column in the El Paso Times and El Paso Matters.


For a good laugh, read Peter Svarzbein’s guest column for El Paso Matters. For Peter, If we abandoned his precious arena we would “throw away our Downtown future.” Imagine what he would think if we abandoned his insolvent trolleys. The future of the United States would be at risk!


I don’t agree with everything Buzz writes here, but he makes some important points.

Happy New Year to all.