Dear Media,

Adair Margo and Claudia Lizette Rodriguez planned to co-host an event titled “Duranguito: What Comes Next?” at the business of local architect Jennifer Countryman at 108 S. Stanton Street tomorrow at 9:15am.

Margo and Rodriguez published essays in our newspapers and on social media platforms thoroughly politicizing the event.

The two issued a press release, attached to this email, stating that Countryman “is a member of the Gensler team” and that she will present the results of the $800K arena feasibility study (which was voted out of existence by City Council on January 3).

In a recent Instagram post (attached), Rodriguez announces that she “saved” the Duranguito buildings and that the Gensler study would see them “restored.”

In truth, it calls for destroying 5 of the 12 City-owned buildings and “incorporating” the remaining 7 within an arena complex that would obliterate Chihuahua Street and smother the neighborhood. The study claims the project would be profitable but omits the cost of principal and interest on the bond debt from its calculations. It would be totally insolvent, in perpetuity.

All that aside, is it appropriate for a former First Lady and former City Council Representative to present publicly a defunct feasibility study without permission from the City of El Paso or Gensler & Associates?

At about 5:00pm this evening, Countryman canceled the event. Her building will be locked shut tomorrow morning with a notification of the cancellation posted on the door.

Enjoy your evening.