It would be unfortunate if Bettina Olivares were elected to represent District 8 because she is financially reckless and dishonest about City taxation and spending.

In October she was asked by El Paso Matters and PBS whether she agreed with the City Council decision to raise our property tax this past August 23, since the tax rate was not lowered enough to compensate for increased property valuations.

Her reply “The City did not raise taxes!” was captured on video along with her awkward and convoluted explanation. She has not been elected to office and is already prone to lying.

At the candidates forum hosted by Sacred Heart Church, Aaron Montes of KTEP asked Olivares what she would cut from our bloated $1.16 billion City budget, to which she replied “I would not cut any of our City services.”

At the same forum, when asked if she supports the issuance of certificates of obligation, a controversial debt instrument that does not require voter approval, she declared “to not use them I think is irresponsible.”

Olivares is the only one of the six City candidates in the current runoff election who likes certificates of obligation.

She is exactly like her boss, Rep. Cassandra Hernandez of District 6, who voted to raise our property tax six times, issue more than a half-billion dollars in CO debt without voter approval, and proceed with every insolvent municipal project her wealthy campaign donors wanted.

Clearly, our City cannot afford Bettina Olivares.

Chris Canales for District 8!