Rep. Claudia Rodriguez is the incumbent candidate for City District 6 and is facing Art Fierro in the runoff election scheduled for December 17.

Rodriguez betrayed her original supporters and broke key promises from her 2019 campaign when she turned to the Westside elite for money and began voting for their interests rather than those of her district.

In addition to the $14,500 she received from the Hunts, Margos and Foster as of November 2, item 14 of the City Council agenda for November 22 indicates that she recently accepted an additional $5,000 from Woody & Gale Hunt.

That brings her Hunts/Margos/Foster total to $19,500, which I believe is a record for a City Council candidate.

As for her legacy, let me remind you of a few facts:

1.  Rodriguez voted to increase our property tax on August 24, 2021 and has repeatedly lied about this in her campaign mailers and texts.

2.  Rodriguez voted to extend the contract of City Manager Gonzalez until June 22, 2029 without imposing a salary cap and only voted to impose one three months later, under pressure from her constituents.

3.  Rodriguez voted to place an item on a future ballot eliminating the Mayor’s veto power and tie-breaking authority.

4.  Rodriguez now supports building an arena in Duranguito after abandoning her long-held position that the arena should not be built there.

5.  Rodriguez raised the vast majority of her funds from wealthy residents of the Upper Valley and Coronado, far from District 6.

6.  Rodriguez’s campaign financial disclosures are a mess, even after she submitted corrections.

7.  Rodriguez has turned her non-partisan race into a partisan race by appearing on Fox News, Newsmax and in the pages of the New York Post, where she has publicly attacked our Mayor and made statements in support of her own campaign. As a result, the local and state Democratic Party are allocating significant resources to her opponent. 

But whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Libertarian, please vote for Art Fierro, who is clearly the superior candidate.