As we learned from Edmundo Calderon, Chief Internal Auditor of the City Rep. Cassandra Hernandez and former City Rep. Claudia Lizette Rodriguez accounted for 62% of all gas purchases by the Mayor and City Council in 2022, purchasing a combined 3,403 gallons and spending $11,984.

Rodriguez filled up her car in towns as far away as Pecos, and someone used Hernandez’ gas card several times while she was seated in City Council or away on business. There were numerous instances of gas purchases on consecutive days.

The El Paso Police Department possesses video surveillance footage documenting instances of Hernandez’s gas card being used by an individual who is not her.

This footage will soon be released to the public along with data for gas card and P-card usage by the Mayor and City Council in 2023.

If Hernandez is found to have abused her gas card in 2023, will she reimburse the City with another check?

What about when the gas card data for 2019, 2020, and 2021 become public?

If more “excessive” purchases by Hernandez and Rodriguez are uncovered, will they write the City more checks or will they actually be punished?

What about us? Can we the taxpayers have some free gas, too, or is this privilege reserved for friends of “Gassandra” Hernandez and Claudia “Fill’er Up” Rodriguez?