Dear Friends and Media,

Yesterday, the Oligarchy lost all three runoff elections for City Council. Before yesterday they controlled six of the eight City representatives but starting in January they will control only three.

See the excellent report from KVIA.

In District 1, Brian Kennedy won 70% of the vote, defeating Oligarchy candidate Analisa Cordova Silverstein. As of the last financial disclosure, Silverstein raised $63,743 in contributions to Kennedy’s $54,495 and thus outraised him 1.17 to 1.

In District 6, Art Fierro won 57% of the vote, defeating incumbent Oligarchy candidate Claudia Lizette Rodriguez. As of the last financial disclosure, Rodriguez raised $84,875 in contributions to Fierro’s $55,025 and thus outraised him 1.54 to 1.

In District 8, Chris Canales won 63% of the vote, defeating Oligarchy candidate Bettina Olivares. As of the last financial disclosure, Olivares raised $55,715 in contributions  to Canales’ $11,298 and thus outraised him 4.93 to 1.

Only 9,095 El Pasoans out of 160,624 eligible voters cast votes, for a total participation rate of only 5.66%.

it is impossible to underestimate the significance of yesterday’s outcome. On October 18, 2016, the City voted 8-0 to destroy Duranguito for a multipurpose basketball arena and gave itself eminent domain authority over an area of more than 11 acres. It took more than six years, but come January there will be only three member of City Council–Cassandra Hernandez, Isabel Salcido and Henry Rivera–who support razing the neighborhood for the Oligarchs.

Hernandez, Salcido and Rivera voted for yearly tax increases, hundreds of millions of dollars in non-voter-approved debt, TIRZes in open space, numerous insolvent 380 agreements, the Great Wolf Lodge debacle, and so much more. They have supported the agenda of City Manager Gonzalez and City Attorney Nieman with perfect reliability.

But that is all in the past. It is a new day!

El Paso taxpayers will now have five leaders on City Council who will actually listen to them and represent their interests.

I have chosen for this email a photo of a Vikings fan because yesterday Minnesota beat Indiana 39-36 after a 33-point deficit at halftime. It was the greatest comeback in NFL history! I have been an El Pasoan for 13 years but I will always love my Vikings, who showed that through determination and perseverance, everything is possible!

Yesterday David beat Goliath.