In preparation for confiscating even more of our wealth, our City Council heard a presentation yesterday from CFO Robert Cortinas in which he affirmed that in FY 2022 the total taxable value of property within the City of El Paso will increase by 4.23% to $38,742,350,037.

As we know, the City is planning to keep its property tax rate at $0.91 per $100 of valuation, an increase of 38% since Tommy Gonzalez was appointed City Manager in 2014.

Again, the CAD is raising property valuations by double digits, and the City refuses to lower its tax rate to compensate for this massive increase.

So the City will confiscate even more of our wealth in order to fund its bloated budget, which includes providing us with “world-class” entertainment projects that we are repeatedly told we “deserve.”

Also yesterday, the City Council voted unanimously to reallocate $15 million in federal COVID funds to street repair and public safety. I’m surprised the City hasn’t issued its usual media release bragging about its financial genius. Perhaps they should reallocate funds from some of its boutique projects so they can save us a few hundred million more.

Have a great day.