Sam Rodriguez was one of the most reliable bureaucrats under City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, rising up from Engineering Division Manager to Chief Transport and Operations Officer and Aviation Director. He is the seventh highest paid employee of the City, with a salary of $225,709.

A recent official announcement via email announced his retirement “due to pressing family reasons” after 18 years of service, but we strongly suspect there were additional factors.

In any case, we just learned from LinkedIn that he has been appointed to the Development Leadership Team of San Antonio International Airport as Chief Development Officer for Capital Improvement Projects.

Two days ago, he sent a message to his connections on LinkedIn announcing his excitement for his new job and that he will be starting on April 29.

Rodriguez was in charge of the ill-fated Arena and other capital improvement projects during his time at the City. The Quality of Life Bond projects went more than $63 million over budget on his watch.

Like Tracey Jerome, he is now someone else’s problem.