The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has been interviewing candidates for City Council as we approach the December 17 run-off election.

Desirae Manzanares just interviewed Rep. Claudia Rodriguez on Facebook. It was excruciating to watch the incumbent argue she did not make her race into a partisan contest after appearing a half-dozen times on Fox News and Newsmax, that she is not beholden to the westside Oligarchs who account for more than 90% of her campaign contributions, and that she plans to save the buildings in Duranguito even though she wants the arena built there. It was especially painful watching her claim that she is against higher taxes after she voted to raise our property tax just last year. Frankly I have never seen such a grotesque display of dishonesty and hypocrisy. 

Manzanares interviewed her opponent Art Fierro two days ago. Fierro opposes raising our property tax, opposes non-voter-approved debt, opposes the arena, and has raised most of his money from his District 6 constituents. Compared to Rodriguez, Fierro is reasoned, eloquent, sincere and focused. Most importantly, he plans to represent District 6 rather than the westside developers and their bankers and attorneys.