Analisa Silverstein, the Oligarchy candidate for City District 1, just sent out a mailer attacking her opponent Brian Kennedy but failed to get her figures straight.

She claims Kennedy earned $369,933 in 2019 when his base salary was actually $294,615, per his Form 990 for that year.

She claims City Manager Gonzalez earned (a base salary of) $431,000 in 2021 when in fact he earned $404,000 that year.

She claims the City budget was over $1.1 billion in 2021 when in fact it was $984.6 million that fiscal year.

Thus, Silverstein misreported three figures in her mailer, deviating from the correct figures by an average of 14.7%.

Can you imagine if she were elected to City Council and allowed to make decisions about our budget?

She also claims Kennedy misused $140,000 in Hotel Occupancy Tax funds because of her failure to understand what is clearly a standard recategorization in a 2019 County audit.

Her financial illiteracy is stunning.

Like I said, voting for Brian Kennedy for City District 1 is the biggest no-brainer in the history of planet earth.