With regard to the ongoing City gas card scandal, Kennedy notes that “the U.S. Internal Revenue Service quantifies any city money spent on a gas card as a business reimbursement. Without proper documentation, which [Chief Internal Auditor] Calderon reported was lacking in many of the transactions he reviewed, those funds could be considered personal income and therefore taxable.”

So in addition to outside law enforcement, now the IRS may be involved.


Meanwhile, the El Paso Police Department reaffirmed that in their view no crime has been committed, and District Attorney Bill Hicks again stated that his office still has not received a case from them.

Rep. Hernandez remains defiant and continues to thumb her nose at the taxpayers, insisting she did nothing wrong.

When asked about her husband fueling up his own car at taxpayer expense, she replied that “her husband refueled her truck on her behalf as a way to help.

But what, that’s not her truck!

Never mind…