Rep. Alexsandra Annello of City District 2 assumed office June 27, 2017 and her current term ends January 7, 2025.

However, three days ago she announced her resignation in order to run for Texas House District 77.

This coming Tuesday, October 10, City Council will vote under agenda item 40 whether to hold a Special Election on December 9 to replace Annello on City Council.

She will likely remain in her seat until her successor is sworn in toward the end of this year.

Adam Powell of the El Paso Times reports that Annello “led the charge in promoting progressive causes in the city, including directing the El Paso Police Department to deprioritize investigations into drag shows, gender-affirming care for trans-youth, and abortion following Texas legislation outlawing all three. She likewise sided with activists last year attempting to advance an ambitious election reform plan.”

Yes, Annello is definitely a progressive Democrat, as she voted for several tax increases and hundreds of millions in non-voter-approved debt.

However, she fiercely opposed the disastrous Arena project, Great Wolf Lodge, TIRZ13, and other financial malfeasance, even when she was the lone vote on City Council.

She stood strong against Tommy Gonzalez and his legion of staffers when they pressed her repeatedly to do the wrong thing.

In recent months she has done excellent work on the Financial Oversight and Audit Committee (FOAC) investigating abuses of City-issued fuel cards and P-cards.

Although we disagreed with many of her votes on financial policy and felt that some of her social initiatives lay outside her purview, we will always be grateful for her courageous positions against the Oligarchy and their surrogates on City Council.

Best of luck to you, Alex, and Godspeed.