David Crowder of the Oligarchy Gazette (aka El Paso Inc) just published a report on the plan to convert a Trost-designed mansion in Sunset Heights into a bed & breakfast and “brunch cafe.” He writes:

“Martina Lorey, an architect who specializes in historic renovation projects and is a member of the City Plan Commission, said she believes repurposing historic homes and other buildings ‘is such a good thing because it keeps them alive. But, she’s concerned that in the case of the Mathias residence, the alterations that would have to be made to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for bathrooms and entering the building from the front could be significant and harmful to the residence inside and out. ‘I think that that needs to be studied, and it needs to be understood what the impact of that is on the historic structure.'”

The plan to change the zoning of the property from residential to commercial did not appear on the August 26 agenda of the City Plan Commission. The next CPC meeting after that will be September 9.

We will follow this issue closely.