Each day, Irene Armendariz-Jackson has been leading a group of committed blockwalkers through District 3, gathering signatures to recall City Rep. Cassandra Hernandez from office.

Armendariz-Jackson and her dozens of volunteers have been strategic and systematic.

Hernandez can host as many movie nights and turkey giveaways as she wants, but her popularity in her district has reach an all-time low, judging by the number of signatures that have been gathered.


Recently Armendariz-Jackson established a new PAC, Justicia for El Paso, to which members of the public may send checks in support of the recall effort.

Donors should make their checks out to “Justicia for El Paso” and send them to Justicia for El Paso, 4943 Guadalupe Drive, El Paso, TX 79904. Please provide your home address, place of work, and contact information in case there is a need to reach you.