In the time since I sent my email below, Art Fierro announced that he is running for City District 6 against incumbent Claudia Lizette Rodriguez.

City Representative Rodriguez cast many courageous votes, against the “Arena”, TIRZ 13 , and other boondoggle spending initiatives. I will always be grateful for her votes on these and other key issues.

But suddenly she has changed course, and not in a good way. She supported  City Manager Tommy Gonzalez’s contract extension without a pay cap, supports eliminating the mayoral veto and tie-breaking authority, and supports curtailing the power of citizens to petition to place ordinances on the ballot. I have no clear idea why she started voting like this. She cast these votes after J.P. Bryan made a substantial donation to her campaign.

Early indications are that her opponent Art Fierro, formerly Texas State House Rep. for District 79, differs from her on some key points and it will be interesting to see his campaign platform once it is published.


El Paso News recently published a report on the late filing by ClaudiaLizetteRodriguez as well as on her failure to properly report her campaign expenditures: No other media outlet thought this was worth reporting.

I hope that Rep. Rodriguez as well as all other candidates for local office will file their reports on time and accurately for the benefit of the people and media.

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