I am pleased to report that at 10:54am MST the City of El Paso filed a motion with the Texas Supreme Court to dismiss its petition for review.

According to the motion, “The City’s petition challenged a temporary injunction staying the City of El Paso’s archeological survey regarding the construction of a downtown performing arts and entertainment facility. After the El Paso City council recently took action regarding that project, the City no longer wishes to pursue its petition. Respondent has not filed a cross-petition for review and does not oppose this motion to dismiss. Accordingly, the City of El Paso respectfully requests that the Court dismiss its petition for review.”

The motion is signed by the attorneys for the City: Wallace B. Jefferson, Robert B. Dubose, Mark N. Osborn, Sergio Estrada, and Karla Nieman.

Copies were received by my attorneys: Frank S. Ainsa, Jr., Lisa Bowlin Hobbs, and Carlos Eduardo Cardenas.

What a beautiful, sunny day!