On today’s City Council agenda, we see under item 29 that Jordan Foster Construction, LLC is poised to win a City contract worth $12,834,416 to rebuild Taxiway G at our airport.

Under item 30, the same company is to be awarded an additional contract worth $14,758,870 for “improvements to include relocating Taxiway Mike to the runway threshold to allow ease of access to Runway 8R from the cargo apron.”

That is $27,593,286 worth of taxpayer-funded construction.

Last year they were awarded $13,092,848 to rebuild runway 8R-26L and $5,617,975 to renovate Taxiway J and K2, plus another $11,583,521 for improvements to City streets. For a more complete list, see here.

Jordan Foster also won the contracts to build our Ballpark and our $60 million Children’s Museum.

To be clear, we are not accusing Jordan Foster Construction, LLC of anything.

We are merely observing that over the years they seem to have won several large City construction contracts.

We hope that the bidding process is completely fair and orderly and that our City Council and staff carefully consider the various options before awarding a contract.

Speaking of our airport, in 2020 Paul Foster announced that he was spending more than $12 million to build an “upscale, Million Air-branded private jet terminal” at our airport, with $1.1 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies for a new airport ramp leading to the site.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jordan Foster Construction, LLC