After a total of more then ten hours of discussion and deliberation on Wednesday and Thursday, the City Ethics Review Commission voted unanimously to present a letter of reprimand to Rep. Cassandra Hernandez for abusing using her taxpayer-funded gas card privileges in violation of City ordinances.

According to the Commission, “A reprimand may be issued when the ethics review commission finds that a violation of this chapter was committed intentionally or through disregard of this chapter.”

Several commissioners made damning comments about Hernandez’s conduct before casting their votes, citing, among other things, her mendacious statements to the media.

Elida S. Perez of El Paso Matters published the first full report, although she failed to mention that outside law enforcement, presumably the FBI and or Texas Rangers, is investigating gas card usage by Hernandez and others.

See also the reports by KVIA, which has been following this scandal from the beginning, and KFOX14, which has reported key developments. I expect the El Paso Times will publish a thorough report shortly.

The Commission did not make a motion to remove Hernandez from office, indicating that it would be up to the voters of District 3 to recall her if they so choose.

But one this is clear.

Hernandez’s political career has been severely damaged and she will not be able to make a serious run for Mayor as she had planned.

When her term of office ends on January 7, 2025, if she is not recalled first, her political career is over.

PHOTO CREDIT: Corrie Boudreaux, El Paso Matters