A local PAC called “El Paso Progress” has sent out at least two mailers promoting the $272,480,000 “Community Progress Bond,” which consists entirely of stuff that should have been covered by the city General Fund.

But because the City has allocated so much taxpayer money for wasteful projects, it is now asking us to pay extra for streets and parks, raising our property tax to support the additional debt servicing.

The PAC was founded by Christopher Hernandez, who is a managing partner of a new political consulting firm called Fair Data, together with Vince Perez, Jeremy Jordan, David Saucedo and Carlos Sierra.

As of September 29, the PAC had $22,500 cash on hand: $20,000 from the El Paso Association of Contractors and $2,500 from DEC Corporation, a civil engineering firm.

That is how it works. The contributors to the PAC will make a lot of money if the bond passes, so they hire someone to convince us that we need to borrow $272,480,000, otherwise our cars will break to pieces on our streets…

Another Fair Data partner, Jordan, was paid $20,000 to support the $413 million public safety bond. Perez’s former right-hand man, Jaime Abeytia, was hired to promote the $425 million YISD bond.

We live in a city that owes $2,134,552,267 in principal and interest on 10 certificates of obligation and 16 general obligation bonds, not including the $96,000,000 certificate of obligation authorized on August 24, 2021.

We cannot afford one more dollar of debt.

No more bonds or certificates of obligation!

Vote “HELL NO” on Propositions A, B, and C.