As previously reported, Deborah Paz filed ethics complaints against Rep. Alexsandra Annello (dismissed) and Chief Internal City Auditor Edmundo Calderon (dismissed).

She also filed a petition to recall Rep. Joe Molinar, who was admonished for asking a City employee to dance twice, but she failed to gather signatures and her effort failed.

In addition, she filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Brian Kennedy on July 5, 2023 for a whole gaggle of reasons, not one of which is grounded in fact.

The Ethics Review Commission scheduled a hearing accordingly, and then delayed the hearing at Paz’s request.

And then Paz woke up one recent morning with common sense and decided to withdraw her complaint against Kennedy, who responded today with the attached media advisory, accusing Paz of “abuse of a system meant to resolve legitimate ethical issues.”

Clearly, Paz exploited the ethics City’s review process intending to damage Kennedy’s reputation to the maximum extent possible, wasting taxpayer time and money and diminishing the impact of real complaints by El Pasoans with real grievances.

Anyone who has followed Paz’s political maneuvers, all of which have failed utterly, knows exactly which master she is serving.

She was wise to abandon her fake complaint against Brian Kennedy, who is an experienced criminal defense attorney and not a man to be trifled with.