Several days ago, a PAC called “Women’s Voices for Political Reform” proclaimed that on July 5 they would announce a recall effort against a sitting member of City Council.

Sure enough, on July 5 the PAC filed a “Notice of Intent for Recall and Removal of City Representative Joe Molinar, District 4.”

The Treasurer of the PAC, Deborah Paz, does not reside in District 4, at least as of 2020.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission, her PAC was established on June 14, 2023 and is headquartered at 522 San Francisco Ave. in El Paso.

Jeremy Jordan, the husband of Rep. Cassandra Hernandez who was caught pumping gasoline into his personal vehicle with her City gas card, has a political consulting firm called RallyPoint Public Affairs, LLC.

The address of his firm is 522 San Francisco Ave. in El Paso.

Wow, what an amazing coincidence! That is the same address as Paz’s PAC!

Here is another coincidence…

Deborah Paz appears on the 8-Day Campaign Finance Report of Cassandra Hernandez because she was paid $186 on October 4, 2020 as a canvasser in support of her re-election campaign.

Clearly, Ms. Paz has a relationship with both Jordan and Hernandez, and in the case of Jordan, her PAC shares his business address!

Paz not only filed a Notice of Intent to Recall Rep. Molinar, but on the same day she also filed ethics complaints against Reps. Kennedy and Annello.

Are Jordan and Hernandez behind Paz’s attacks on Kennedy, Annello and Molinar, who sit on the Financial Oversight and Audit Committee that has been reviewing Hernandez’s alleged gas card abuse?

Recently she also filed an ethics complaint against Chief Internal Auditor Edmundo Calderon, which was summarily dismissed.

Something smells foul.