This evening the City Ethics Review Commission voted 5-3 to dismiss the complaint of Deborah Paz against Rep. Alexsandra Annello because Paz failed to prove any violation of the Ethics Ordinance.

Extensive testimony was heard from both Paz and Annello.

Bob Blumenthal, Annello’s attorney, made the motion to dismiss, early in the proceedings.

For the record, Paz was a paid employee of Rep. Cassandra Hernandez’s 2020 election campaign, and the PAC she recently established to recall Rep. Joe Molinar has the same business address as the political consulting firm of Hernandez’s husband Jeremy Jordan.

Is Hernandez behind Paz’s failed complaint against Annello, her political opponent?

Is Hernandez behind Paz’s pending complaint against Rep. Kennedy, her political opponent?

Is Hernandez’s behind Paz’s attempt to recall Rep. Molinar, her political opponent?

You decide.

PHOTO: Deborah Paz (seated) and Bob Blumenthal (standing).