Claudia Rodriguez, the incumbent in the City District 6 race, has emphatically stated again and again that her campaign is non-partisan.

She has repeatedly framed her opponent Art Fierro as a tax-and-spend liberal.

Yer her final mailer, attached to this email for your entertainment pleasure, attacks Fierro for not being a loyal Democrat!

It includes a photo of State Rep. Lina Ortega, who strongly endorses Fierro’s campaign and who did not give her permission to be included in the mailer, as well as a photo of State Rep. Claudia Ordaz-Perez, Rodriguez’s predecessor.

This incredibly stupid and dishonest advertisement caps a campaign that has been defined by deception, lies and ethical lapses.

Claudia Rodriguez lied about increasing our property tax.

Claudia Rodriguez lied about capping the City Manager’s salary (she initially voted to extend his contract without a salary cap).

Claudia Rodriguez lied about supporting the preservation of Duranguito.

Claudia Rodriguez has received more than 90% of her campaign contributions from the Upper Valley and Coronado, more than a dozen miles from her district, including $33,500 from the Hunts and Foster and $2,000 from Dee and Adair Margo.

Claudia Rodriguez will do or say absolutely anything to get reelected.

Now she has hired Martin Paredes to design ads that deliberately confuse her with the other, more-popular Claudia, whose last name is Ordaz-Perez. Thus she hopes to deceive voters into believing they are voting for Claudia Ordaz-Perez rather than her.

I have never seen such disgusting behavior from a candidate for local office. She is a vendida of the highest order and I deeply regret that I supported her during her 2019 election campaign.

Please call every single person you know in District 6 and tell them to vote for Art Fierro tomorrow.