Former City Council Rep. Claudia Lizette Rodriguez, who was booted from office by her constituents, fined by the Texas Ethics Commission, and reprimanded by the City Ethics Review Commission, filed to run for County Precinct 1 on December 11, 2023.

Her first campaign finance report was posted online this afternoon and shows that not a single person has contributed to her campaign.

All she received was a $2,000 loan from her husband, of which she spent $1,250 on her candidate filing fee with the Republican Party, leaving her with a war chest of only $750.

This is in sharp contrast to the tens of thousands she raised from the Oligarchs when she ran for re-election in 2022 and lost.

Apparently the moneyed donors have all abandoned her, so why is she running for office? Could it be a revenge tactic?

It is interesting that one of her opponents is Libertarian Ryan Woodcraft, who serves on the same City Ethics Review Commission that presented her with a Letter of Reprimand for abusing her taxpayer-funded gas card.

And what about the El Paso County Republican Party?

The fact is they could not have stopped Rodriguez from running even if they wanted to, for the simple reason that she properly filed her forms and paid her fee.

Our guess is that the Republican establishment is much less than thrilled with her candidacy since she is a poor representative of the GOP, both in terms of policy and ethics.

Their only remedy would have been to primary her in March, but Rodriguez filed at the very last moment, leaving them zero time to react.

The people of Precinct 1 are stuck with her on the ballot.