Dear Friends and Media,

On November 13, 2018 under Agenda item 18.1, Rep. Cassandra Hernandez asked City Attorney Karla Nieman point blank whether the 2,313-acre land swap with Paul Foster would proceed if Great Wolf Lodge pulled out of the deal to build a resort in northwest El Paso. She responded that the land swap could not proceed and that the contract with the City would prevent it from proceeding. 

Please watch her statement in full so that you do not think I am lying:

Yesterday the El Paso Times broke the story of the termination of the Great Wolf Lodge deal and also reported that the land swap with Paul Foster is a done deal.

What does Karla Nieman have to say for herself? At what point did the land swap become separate from the GWL deal? Did the City quietly slip in some kind of amendment to the contract that separated one from the other and was City Council told about it?

The public deserves to know the answers to these questions and I hope the media will ask her!

I wish to thank Jud Burgess for pointing out to me Karla Nieman’s false statement. He had previously included it in his own video.