Many of you may have seen a video posted by the City on social media featuring Annie Perez of Annie’s Adventures promoting “growth” and “revitalization” in downtown El Paso and the controversial “multipurpose arena.”

Ms. Perez, who describes herself on LinkedIn as an Influencer/Blogger and an Accounts Manager for Leo Marketing, states the following in her video:

“Of the things that I really enjoy about El Paso and seeing the growth happening is the cool revitalization that’s been happening in the heart of El Paso and our downtown El Paso. Make the most of where you’re at. Enjoy it. There’s a lot going on here. If you want to be part of it, it’s up to you.”

Below the video is a caption citing the MPC, commonly known as the “Arena,” as well as the url of Elevate El Paso. This City webpage, funded by taxpayer dollars, promotes the MPC and other capital projects and is managed by five City employees who are named in the “About Us” section.

The caption also includes the creepy phrase “Our history continues here,” as if displacing our most vulnerable citizens and demolishing historic buildings are somehow a continuation of our history.

One immediately thinks of the City’s disgusting Glass Beach Study.

Abel Rodriguez, a local media professional, hosted many of Perez’s podcasts during the last four years on his online platforms but told me that he terminated their arrangement yesterday. He also told me he had no knowledge of her recent video campaign until a few days ago. I should also point out that Caleb Lara, who owns a media operation that happens to be called “Elevate El Paso,” also has no connection to the campaign.

I wrote to Ms. Perez twice to enquire about her video and ask her who was behind it, but received no reply. I just filed a public information request with the City in order to determine whether she was paid, how much, and by whom.

Curiously, her video was recently removed from the City webpage and does not appear on her social media pages.

Did she know her video would be used to promote the MPC? I can’t say for certain, yet.

I wonder how the City will try to promote the dead horse known as the “Arena” in its next media blitz and how much it will cost the taxpayers of El Paso.