After running a fairly clean campaign, Analisa Silverstein has chosen to throw manure at her opponent Brian Kennedy, who got 41.28% of the vote compared to her 25.29%. Apparently this is her new strategy.

At 9:08pm Tuesday night, even before all the votes were counted, Silverstein’s campaign manager, Michelle Flores, sent the following email to Elida S. Perez of El Paso Matters on behalf of her boss:

“I want to thank voters for all their support. That’s the reason I’m here. To be their voice and to fight for them. I’ve met with more than 20 thousand residents in district 1 over the past few months to discuss what’s important to them and how I can help. I’m here for them full time, 24/7, always. Not like my opponent [Brian Kennedy] who has said he’s still keeping his full time job. To vote for my opponent would be reckless with his history of managing public funds. Just one big example is how he paid himself with hotel and motel tax which was intended to promote the city, not fill his pockets. He was also one of the highest paid public employees in El Paso for years, and what did he have to show for it? A run down coliseum, lost advertisements, lost performances and more. He’s not here to help our district. He’s here for himself. He took advantage of our community for way too long. We don’t need someone like that handling our city taxpayer money. I know with my experience and background, we can get the job done! I am ready to work full time for you, the voters. Thank you for your support!”

Shortly afterwards, Kennedy sent Perez the following reply:

“I think it speaks for itself that my opponent’s first fall-back position to being 20 pts behind instead of talking about issues, positions and ideas is a flurry of the same kind of disingenuous lies that are the defining trademark of the current city council.  Unable to stand on her own merits, weak experience and inflated resume, she chooses to grossly misrepresent mine.  I have 18 years of clean audits. I was paid commensurate with performance, years of service, and qualifications.  I have a clear track record of bringing millions in sports tourism to El  Paso and I have demonstrated how to turn an existing facility into one of the busiest venues in the Southwest.  This is the same tired mud-slinging that does not and cannot replace real skills, real experience and real knowledge.  Any time Ms. Silverstein is ready for a face to face issue based debate I’m ready.”

The portion in yellow above was published by Elida S. Perez and Priscilla Totiyapungprasert in their report for El Paso Matters.

But let is be clear. Analisa Silverstein defamed Brian Kennedy, accusing him of embezzling public funds, even though Kennedy has a flawless professional record without a single ethical lapse.

What Silverstein evidently does not understand is that Kennedy is not only an accomplished business executive. He is also a practicing criminal defense attorney who understands perfectly what constitutes defamation.

She has potentially exposed herself to a lawsuit.

In my humble opinion, unless Silverstein can present proof that Kennedy is a criminal, she would be wise to consult her legal counsel and issue a public apology immediately.

Enjoy your afternoon.