Tomorrow the County Commissioners Court will vote on posting a notice of intent to issue $100 million in certificates of obligation without voter approval. Once at least 45 days have passed, sometime in early January, the Court will vote to issue the debt.

The City of El Paso has assumed around $900 million in principal and interest obligations for 11 COs issued since 2012, which is a Texas record, and now the County wants a piece of the action.

Recently, UMC tried to ram through the County a CO in the amount of $346,000,000 but it was shot down in flames by a citizen petition.

CO debt is supported by property taxation, and El Pasoans are sick to death of taxation without representation!

If the County wants to borrow $100 million, we the taxpayers should have the opportunity to vote on the matter.

Please write to the Commissioners Court and urge them to vote “NO” on this CO!;;;;

Please plan to comment publicly tomorrow, virtually, via Microsoft Teams. When you click the link to join, let the moderator know that you plan to address agenda item 11. Complete instructions are below.



To address the Commissioners Court via webcam please use this link and follow directions below:

Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 222 176 333 957
Passcode: d6zW78