We live in an exceptional country, the oldest constitutional republic on earth. One of the reasons why our country is exceptional is because of the ratification in 1789 to 1791 of the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, known as theĀ Bill of Rights.

Here at theĀ El Paso Taxpayer Revolt, we love every single provision of our precious Bill of Rights.

We especially love the First Amendment, which guarantees our right to express ourselves on this page, including sharing viewpoints that are critical of our government and its leaders.

You are welcome to write a post on our Facebook page anything focusing on local politics but it will be subject to our review, since all posts must be factual, well written, and preferably accompanied by a compelling image.

However, your comments will never be censored as long as you engage in civil discourse.

All viewpoints are welcome. This is not a safe space.

We are Americans exercising our liberty.

Speak freely!