Miguel Garcia of Northeast El Paso has published a letter in the El Paso Times warning about a dangerous radical named Max Grossman, who apparently holds conservative views of the role and scope of government and not only has the audacity to share them publicly, but he even criticizes our local politicians when he disagrees with them! (see his letter below)

We wish to thank Mr. Garcia for his compliment to our Chief Instigator and are glad that he supports the First Amendment, but we must correct the record on two points:

1. While the City had to spend more than $3 million fighting the arena, Grossman saved the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by preventing the construction of a $500,000,000 boondoggle at the expense of our oldest neighborhood.

2. We do not watch Fox News and do not even subscribe to cable television. We get our national news from the Wall Street Journal and our local news from reliable sources, such as eyewitness testimony, City and County documents, and, very occasionally, a news report from one of the few remaining local investigative journalists.

Grossman’s political influence concerning

“I’m writing to share a concern about the growing influence of Max Grossman, who, along with anti-arena ally Veronica Carbajal, sued the city of El Paso to nullify the vote thousands of El Pasoans cast for an arena. The city was forced to spend millions of tax dollars, and their efforts and success made him a recognizable public figure. He has used his name recognition to become a loud conservative voice in El Paso. His uses his large platform on the Neighborhood App, Facebook and mass emails to push his conservative views. He promotes conservative candidates (including conservative Democrats), attacks public institutions like our county hospital district, our children’s hospital, and any public figure he puts on his target list. I support his right to freedom of speech, and if I had as much time on my hands as he does, I would spread my own message about the dangers of simplistic public debates. Grossman and others who try to manipulate public opinion frequently leave out important context and provide limited facts to manipulate community opinion. This approach, like that of Fox News, does nothing to improve public discourse or our democracy. El Pasoans beware.”

Miguel Garcia, Northeast El Paso