Dear Friends,

The gorgeous bungalow standing at the northeast corner of Arizona Ave. and Noble St. was designed by Henry C. Trost in 1909 and completed by 1912. The patron was a local physician named B. F. Stevens, who lived in the 1,362-square-foot home when he was a bachelor. After he married, he had architect J. Julius Wallwork design and build him another home, on Mesa St., but unfortunately that was demolished in 1991.

Luckily, not only does the first Stevens home survive intact, but it has been faithfully restored by Vicki and Steven Harder (see attached photos). The Harders gave me a tour of the home this morning and I was truly impressed by their attention to detail. The original floors were preserved, and lost features, such as the living room fireplace, were reconstructed, thanks to old photographs. The two bathrooms are modern but inspired by early-twentieth-century designs. The restored home is a fine gem within the Rio Grande Avenue Historic District.

On July 23 the Harders listed the home with an asking price of $192,500 and it sold only four days later for $212,500! The purchasers wanted to own a Trost-designed home and were happy to offer $20,000 extra. That is $156/square foot. (The home cost $5,000 to build).

The couple told me that it was a profitable project for them and that they are on the lookout for another historic building to purchase and restore. I congratulate them on their achievement!

LESSON FOR ALL: Historic preservation is profitable in El Paso! The Harders did not even use tax credits and they were given no City or County incentives.

Max Grossman, PhD

Vice-Chair, The Trost Society

Board of Directors, Preservation Texas

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Photos by Max Grossman, 7/28/20