“I write in response to letter writer Miguel Garcia, who criticizes a private citizen, Max Grossman, for criticizing his government. Garcia is concerned about the ‘growing influence’ of Grossman, who sued the city to prevent our oldest neighborhood from being razed to build a multi-million-dollar sports arena that is, at best, debatable as to whether it was voter-approved.

He dislikes Grossman criticizing the county-funded hospitals calling them ‘public institutions’ instead of what they are by law, which is a taxing entity answerable to the public. He criticizes Grossman for deigning to use Facebook and emails to spread his knowledge and message and accuses him of ‘manipulating’ public opinion. What does Garcia think the switch holders at newspapers, TV stations, radio shows, magazines and online outlets are trying to do on top of making a buck?

Garcia laments he has less time than Grossman. It takes more than time to monitor government entities, agendas, budgets, applicable laws, attend meetings, write blogs, engage in high-stakes litigation, all for zero remuneration and then go to work. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How we use them and what we focus on define us.”

Theresa Caballero, Central El Paso

CREDIT: https://www.elpasotimes.com/…/grossmans…/72034368007/, photo by Mark Lambie