Dear Friends,

This past Friday, the El Paso Times published a guest column by Reps. Cassandra Hernandez of District 3 and Cissy Lizarraga of District 8 in which the two politicians promote the City’s plan to build a Mexican-American Cultural Center into our downtown Library over the strenuous objections of numerous community stakeholders.

Did they mention that the project will cost approximately triple its approved price tag of $5.7 million and that the recent $96 million CO authorization adds $10,750,000 of non-voter approved funding?

Never mind…

The two reps also comment on the “Multi-Purpose Performing Arts Center,” suggesting that the $500M+ boondoggle is a “critical need and want,” as if government belongs in the business of providing G-League basketball games and BeyoncĂ© concerts.

They state that they “remain committed” to this and the other QOL signature bond projects, putting themselves on a collision course with the Mayor, at least three other City reps, and most of the general public, who are sick to death of our City’s irresponsible deficit spending and absurdly high taxation.

Enjoy your day.