Rep. Isabel Salcido, who is running for reelection, has sent out a defensive mailer since she is under constant attack for her embarrassing voting record on taxes, debt, and the City Manager.

Her mailer proclaims the outright lie “Isabel fought for NO new taxes,” presumably because of her surprise vote last August to reject the latest tax increase.

But Salcido voted to raise our property tax three times during her term: on 8/20/20198/18/2020 and8/24/2021!We are talking about major tax hikes, including the record increase for FY 2020.

Salcido also voted to authorize $100 million in certificates of obligation the day she was sworn into office, on January 8, 2019. She then voted for another $100 million on January 7, 2020, another $93 million on April 13, 2021, and another $96 million on August 24, 2021. Thus, she voted for all four CO issuances that came before her, for a total of $389,000,000 without voter authorization, jacking up our property tax even higher!

Her mailer proclaims “Isabel also fought to cap the city manager’s salary.”
Another outright lie.

On May 23 under agenda item 9, Isabel was one of six city reps who voted to extend Tommy’s contract without imposing a salary cap.

You see, she fought for Tommy, not the taxpayers of El Paso.
She did not vote to cap the man’s salary until August 23, fully three months later, and only because of pressure from her constituents. 

But that cap can be increased to either the average base salaries of the three highest-paid city managers in comparable cities or his base salary with the merit or other increases – whichever is lower.
You see, Salcido cannot hide from her abysmal tax-and-spend record and from her almost religious adoration of Tommy Gonzalez.

She has paid $8,000 to political consultant Mark Smith, $5,876 to Chris Hernandez, $25,015.09 Carlos Sierra , and $30,995.75 to the odious Vince Perez

 to lie to the voters of District 6 and portray her as a fiscal conservative who is independent of Tommy.
Her problem is that her constituents are just not that stupid.