Dear Friends,

Yesterday the County voted 3-2, with Judge Samaniego and Commissioner Stout dissenting, to divide Segundo Barrio into two historic districts, with the western half of the neighborhood attached to downtown and Sacred Heart Church removed from its own neighborhood!

This is absolutely unacceptable and we are hoping that Commissioners Leon, Perez and Robinson reconsider their position and join Judge Samaniego and Commissioner Stout in supporting the establishment of a Segundo Barrio National Historic District that respects the neighborhood’s historical/cultural boundaries, which have been clearly defined for 135 years.

A petition has been launched by Crysti Couture, who grew up in the barrio. Please consider signing:

Also, please consider writing to the County Commissioners Court and County Economic Development with your concern:;

Ricardo Samaniago, El Paso County Judge

Carlos Leon, County Commissioner of Precinct 1

David Stout, County Commissioner of Precinct 2

Vince Perez, County Commissioner of Precinct 3

Carl Robinson, County Commissioner of Precinct 4

Andrea Adkins-Hutchins, Director of Economic Development, El Paso County

Valerie Venecia, Heritage Tourism Coordinator, El Paso County

Many thanks,