Recently Ariana Parra of KFOX14 asked Oscar Ugarte, “What is the top priority for you if elected?”

Ugarte answered, “My top priority as the next Sheriff of El Paso will be creating a civilian social services unit. […] When a deputy goes out there and there’s issues in the household, ya know, I want to dispatch a social worker to find out what are the root causes in this family.”

Bobby Flores, who served as a SWAT Commander, once breached a door after responding to a domestic violence dispute and was immediately shot at by the perpetrator and narrowly escaped death.

Was he supposed to ask the perpetrator how he was feeling that day and whether he felt under pressure at work?

Are we really supposed to believe that social workers should be dispatched to domestic disputes, which police officers will tell you are among the most unpredictable and dangerous situations they face?

How much would a “Civilian Social Services Unit” cost and how many dozens of people would be required to staff it?

No, we do not want a progressive Escobar-backed Sheriff, and carpet-bombing our County with Ugarte signs, mailers, and doorhangers will not convince us otherwise.

See our interview with Bobby Flores and learn why he is by far the most qualified candidate to serve as the next Sheriff of El Paso County.