Oligarch candidate Analisa Cordova Silverstein is running for District 1 and today I received a copy of her latest mailer, which is just as deceptive as her last one.


Under the heading “Taxes,” Silverstein writes “I understand the importance of diligent fiscal oversight to find solutions, inflation relief, and offset the tax burden on homeowners.” Obviously, she does not plan to lower our property tax or reduce spending. The Oligarchy has anointed her as Peter Svarzbein’s  successor, and Peter voted to raise our property tax five times, issue $504.8 million in certificates of obligation without voter approval, and fund every insolvent project that crossed his desk, including his insolvent trolleys. She and Peter hold identical views, and his fiancé handles her PR.


Silverstein vows to “continue the momentum” and “prioritize completing downtown projects.” That is code language for continuing the high taxation, deficit spending, and corporate welfare that are oppressing the taxpayers of El Paso.

By all accounts Silverstein is a kind and generous person, but she has no understanding of how to manage a $1.2 billion municipal budget and her financial support from the Oligarchs is a clear indication of how she would vote if elected–against the interests of the taxpayers.

She is part of the problem.

Brian Kennedy is the solution.