On October 17 Victoria Rossi of El Paso Matters published a report citing irregularities in the campaign financial disclosures of Rep. Claudia Lizette Rodriguez of District 6, who is running for reelection.

A couple weeks later Arnulfo Hernández, a long-time District 6 resident and a licensed attorney in the state of California, filed three separate sworn ethics complaints against Rep. Rodriguez for various violations. The Texas Ethics Commission accepted jurisdiction over all three complaints between November 7 and 9.

Mr. Hernández co-wrote the book The Men of Company E: Toughest Chicano Soldiers of World War II. He ran for City District 6 and lost on December 14, 2019, after which he endorsed Rodriguez for the position.

Mr. Hernández is one of many El Pasoans, myself included, who initially supported Rodriguez but ended up disappointed by her performance, voting record, and flip-flops.

He is currently in the process of filing at least three more sworn complaints against Rep. Rodriguez for additional violations on her disclosures.

Please contact Mr. Hernandez at arnulfoh@sbcglobal.net or 916-616-4211 if you would like copies of his filings and/or commentary.