I am sharing with you the latest media reports on Saturday’s unanimous decision by the State Board of Review of the Texas Historical Commission to recommend establishing the Segundo Barrio National Register Historic District.

Anthony Jackson of the El Paso Times just published a great report, which includes a lot of commentary by supporters of the project.

See also the excellent report by Roberto Carrillo and Jaime Torres of El Diario de El Paso:

KVIA ran an outstanding report by Rachel Phillips and Jerry Najera, as well as a really solid digital report by Brenda De Anda-Swann.

The staff of the El Paso Herald-Post published a good summary of the vote.

Next, the Executive Director of the Texas Historical Commission, Mark Wolfe, will make a decision about whether to accept the recommendation of the State Board of Review. If he does, the nomination will be sent to the National Park Service in June for final review. If all goes well, the new district will be established by September.

Enjoy your afternoon.