Yesterday Rep. Cassandra Hernandez told Buzz Adams on his KLAQ Morning Show (starting at 1:45) that KVIA quoted her out of context when on May 9, 2023 she told reporter Lesley Engle “I can confidently say I’m the only one who uses [my City gas card].”

No politician should impugn the integrity of a professional journalist who is doing her job.

Last night at 10:00pm and this morning at 6:00am, KVIA responded with a devastating report lasting 3 minutes and 25 seconds in which news anchor Paul Cicala airs the entire May 9 statement of Hernandez, proving beyond a doubt that she is a liar of the lowest order.

Do you believe that bizarre coincidences have symbolic meaning?

As Hernandez is about to finish speaking, she is interrupted by deafening church bells, which seem to announce the Last Judgment of the Apocalypse!

Perhaps that is a sign that she should spare El Pasoans further embarrassment, withdraw her candidacy for Mayor, and resign from City Council.