Yesterday morning, our Chief Instigator joined Buzz Adams on his Morning Show to discuss the financial malfeasance of City Rep. Cassandra Hernandez and the FBI investigation of City gas card use that has now been referred to the US attorney for the Western District of Texas for possible prosecution.

The conversation with Buzz included discussion of the abuse of City-issued gas cards by Hernandez and former City Rep. Claudia Lizette Rodriguez, both of whom received letters of reprimand from the Ethics Review Commission.

There were two callers. The first was upset about the “Cassandra gas thievery” and declared that “she needs to be in prison for it.” The second caller was a raving socialist who defended Cassandra and attacked Max Grossman for his Libertarianism.


Today Hernandez appeared on the same Buzz Adams morning show in order to explain her thievery and defend herself from her many detractors.

At one point, Buzz asked her about the proposal to move the “Arena” to the Union Depot site, to which she responded that she remains in favor of building it in Duranguito! All the while, she claimed to be in favor of preserving the historic buildings even though (1) Grossman prevailed in his litigation against the City and Duranguito is now off the table, (2) the City’s previous plan to build the facility in Duranguito called for wiping out around half the historic buildings there, and (3) she has consistently shown no interest in preserving historic buildings or neighborhoods.


On May 9, 2023, Hernandez had famously lied to a KVIA reporter, telling her that no one but her ever used her gas card. Today Hernandez lied again, this time to Buzz, claiming she was quoted by KVIA out of context and bitterly criticizing KVIA for airing her remarks in the way they did.

At a certain point, “Gaby” called in to expose Hernandez’s dishonesty, emphatically citing her lies to KVIA and Buzz, and expressing her irritation that Hernandez pulled the ethnicity card when she declared she was investigated because she is Latina.

Here again is the KVIA report of May 9, 2023 where Hernandez lies to KVIA (See the 2:00 mark):

Every time Hernandez lies, we will be there to tell the truth.

Photo credit: CBS4