Joe Pickett’s PCC streetcar no. 1510 has more ridership than the City’s trolleys!

I mean, there were three of us inside his streetcar this afternoon, which is more than you can find inside any of the City’s trolleys, on the rare occasion you can spot one.

In 2019, when the City’s trolleys were running at full capacity, they were losing $47 for every dollar of revenue.

CBS 4 reported five days ago that they now run only 21 hours per week, carry an average of 3,000 passengers each month, and cost $425 every hour to run.

Joe and I had a very interesting conversation today about City finances, debt instruments, deficit spending, property taxes, franchise fees and of course trolleys.

I invite anyone who can find at least four people inside a City trolley to send me a photo of the event so that I can verify the figure before the City issues a press release about improved ridership!