Tonight on ABC-7 XTRA at 10:35pm, Paul Cicala will host four guests to discuss the upcoming City Council vote on whether to build the MPC adjacent to the Union Depot.

They are Rep. Cassandra Hernandez, Rep. Chris Canales, former Mayor John Cook, and Joe Gudenrath, Executive Director of the Downtown Management District.

Rep. Hernandez, who was reprimanded for stealing thousands of dollars of taxpayer-funded gasoline and has convinced herself she will be the next mayor, is so giddy about the show tonight that she posted a notice on Instagram.

She still believes the City should build the biggest arena possible, no matter how much debt is issued and no matter how much our property tax increases as a result.

She told Reyes Mata III of the El Paso Inc this week, “If I can bring a multipurpose center that’s going to encourage tourists to come to our city and pay for the things they need–taxes, sales taxes, they spend their money–that helps offset the budget.”

Hernandez raised our property tax six times, voted to issue a half-billion dollars in non-voter-approved-debt, and has less financial acumen than a plastic toothbrush, so no one should be surprised that she is still the most fanatical proponent of this epic boondoggle.

As for tonight, Rep. Canales is the only guest who has been consistently critical of the arena project.

The other three guests will tell us there needs to be a public-private partnership to build a large facility, even though not one single investor has offered to contribute to the arena’s cost in the 12 years it has been rotting on the table like a festering pig carcass.