Dear Media and Friends,

The agenda for the next City Council meeting was just released to the public. Item 12.2 announces that City Rep. Henry Rivera of District 7 received a campaign contribution in the amount of $2,500 from Woody and Gayle Hunt.

You will see at least two dozen other developers, bankers and attorneys from the Hunt circle (including other prominent Republicans) make significant donations to Rivera’s campaign.

You see, that is how it works in El Paso. Rivera is the Annointed One for District 7 and so he gets the big checks. It does not take very many $2,500 donations to pay for enough mailers and blockwalkers to win reelection in El Paso.

It is very clear from his votes what Rivera stands for, and there is but no question that his wife Dora Oaxaca, the Chair-Elect of the El Paso Democratic Party, stands for the same agenda.

Aaron Montes, who is also running for District 7, is our David, facing Goliath.

Have a great day.