More than 1,500 Hamas gunmen crossed into Israel on October 7 and butchered more than 1,400 Jews, including women, the elderly and babies, torturing many of their victims before murdering them, and kidnapping more than 200 others. Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad also launched thousands of rockets at Israel, mostly at civilian targets, in order to kill even more Israelis.

Their attack was the single largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

In self defense, Israel responded with a devastating aerial bombardment aimed at Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, in preparation for a ground invasion of Gaza that will seek to destroy any remaining militants and restore peace.

Israel is once again at war for its survival–a war that it cannot afford to lose.

The Biden Administration has voiced strong support for Israel and its right to defend itself, promising billions in military aid to help the Israelis combat the terrorists. He made a convincing case that protecting Israel is in the interest of the United States.

Certain members of Congress, such as Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and now Veronica Escobar, are instead calling for a ceasefire (which would leave Hamas and its terrorist allies in power, resulting in more massacres of Jews in the future).


A group calling itself “El Paso for Palestine,” which apparently formed in 2021, has organized a protest in support of “Palestinian Liberation” for tomorrow, Saturday, at 11:00am in San Jacinto Plaza. Their Instagram page includes an image of a militant in camouflage from Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, which we have made the cover photo of this post. Palestinian Islamic Jihad is the same group that recently destroyed a hospital in Gaza when one of their missiles went astray.

The group has also organized a “General Strike Teach In,” which will happen today in Memorial Park at 6:30pm.

The same group held a rally on May 22, 2021 that was covered by the El Paso Times. The report includes photos of the group’s members displaying slogans such as “Zionism is Racism” and “End the Apartheid,” with one holding a sign denouncing Israeli “Colonialism, Ethnic Cleansing, Occupation, Genocide.” Still another holds a sign that reads “From the River to the sea, Palestine will be free,” meaning that the entire nation of Israel should be eliminated.

If their 2021 rally is anything like what we can expect tomorrow, we will see more protestors justifying terrorist massacres and calling for an Israeli ceasefire and for “Palestine” to be liberated from the Zionist oppressors. Do not expect any sympathy for the terrorist victims, who were Zionist colonizers, you see, who unluckily found themselves in the path of the “resistance fighters.” And do not expect any demands for the terrorists to release the more than 200 hostages, including very young children:


Veronica Carbajal, who just announced her candidacy for City District 2, shared the following image on her campaign Instagram page yesterday. The image was followed by several other images soliciting support for the Palestinians in Gaza.

We have no words to describe how we feel about these images and will let the public come to its own conclusions.

We will state, however, that the ignorance of “El Paso for Palestine” is stunning. They seem to not know that Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2007 and that it has been battling terrorists there every since.

Sympathy for the innocent victims of Israeli airstrikes is definitely in order, as many people who have little or nothing to do with the terrorists have been killed in Gaza unintentionally.

But let us not forget that every death in Gaza is squarely the fault of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and that Israel has a duty to defend its citizens from mass murderers, as any country would.

Let us hope that this time the Israeli Defense Forces destroy these groups completely and rescue the hostages, so that the Gazans can be represented by a new government that will lead them to peace rather than endless conflict.