There are certain things you just cannot make up.

Rep. “Gassandra” Hernandez, who purchased 1,944 gallons of City gas in 2022 (including 23 times on consecutive days), has posted on her Facebook and Instagram a photo of herself announcing she will give away ten 50-dollar fuel cards in return for liking and following her pages and tagging five friends in the comments.

This is her latest political strategy to save her career from oblivion.

Her first strategy was to claim her critics were attacking minorities.

When that didn’t work, she announced she would repay the $6,691 she stole from the taxpayers, even as she accused the Chief City Auditor and his colleagues of professional misconduct.

Her new strategy is to make light of her crime and shrug her shoulders at the special meeting scheduled for Thursday at 10:00am, where her conduct will be reviewed by her colleagues on City Council.

Is this a joke or a bribe?


Maybe she should try apologizing, admitting her wrongdoing, and resigning with dignity.

Speaking of which, please sign up to speak at public comment under item 1, which is the only item on Thursday’s agenda: “Discussion and Action on the results of Project P2023-06 City Council & City Manager’s Office P-Card, Travel, and Fuel Card Review.”

Also, please express your opinion of Hernandez’ behavior in an email to our City leaders:;;;;;;;;

Please also consider submitting a 250-word letter to the editors of the El Paso Times and El Paso Inc.

We hope that City Council will launch a formal investigation of both Rep. “Gassandra” Hernandez and former City Rep. Claudia “Fill’er Up” Rodriguez and that they then remove Hernandez from office under Section 3.4 of our City Charter as expeditiously as possible.