Dear Friends,

Anthony Jackson of the El Paso Times published a lengthy report on yesterday’s 5-3 vote to prevent the public from learning that the City’s planned “Arena” will be several hundred million dollars over budget.

According to him, all 13 members of the public who spoke during public comment were “in favor of the City Council voting for the cost estimate, and many added they do not want the arena built.”

City Rep. Claudia Lizette Rodriguez told Jackson: “I don’t think it’s a controversial question to want to ask how much is this project going to cost, especially given the circumstance of inflation, given the circumstances of every other experience that we’ve had with our Quality of Life projects, where they have all gone up in price.”

The City Manager needs to tell City Council the simple truth: There is not nearly enough money to build, maintain, and operate a 15,000-seat multipurpose basketball arena.

Have a good night.