Adam Powell of the El Paso Times just published a report on Rep. Cassandra Hernandez reminding El Pasoans that she “voted in favor of raising taxes six years in a row.”

She also voted to issue hundreds of millions in certificates of obligation without voter approval, including $100 million in January 2019, $100 million in January 2020, $93 million in April 2021, and $96 million in August 2021.

Hernandez told Powell that she cast her tax votes “always with the well-being of El Pasoans at heart,” claiming the “increases were not arbitrary but a response to specific, urgent needs.”

Urgent needs like cost overruns on Quality of Life Bond projects, doubling the budget of the Children’s Museum, and tripling the budget of the Mexican-American Cultural Center.

Hernandez would often remind us that El Pasoans “deserve” a world-class this and a world-class that, as she voted to tax and spend our City into a financial abyss.

Not surprisingly, she told Powell that she is unwilling to commit to a no-new-revenue tax rate going forward, much like her mayoral opponent, Renard Johnson, the New Beto.

She had the audacity to tell Powell she is “working diligently to alleviate the tax burden on our residents.”

Is that so?

We have a video of her candid statement in open session that “It would be in our best interests, including every taxing entity, to ensure that all of the homes are being appraised at a higher level so that we can see more valuations and more tax revenue.”

The fact is that Hernandez has the worst tax-and-spend record in the 150-year history of the City of El Paso and, unfortunately, we still have to suffer another 336 days of her in office, until January 7, 2025.